What is Minor Painting? 

We consider minor painting something that can be completed within a 2hour window and something specific.  For instance, a single house or garage door, window frames, thresholds, handrails, areas of a porch, small shed or some minor areas around the bottom of the house.  In some instances, a very small patio or wheelchair ramp may be appropriate.  If the need is to have all of the windows, doors and large surface areas painted or an area that requires a ladder, then a professional service would be more appropriate.

What about if the area requires major prep work such as scraping?  We will do light scraping when needed.  This is usually when the paint is already peeling.  If the paint is just caked on from many coats over the years, then that would require a professional service.  This door is a great example of what we consider minor painting.


Why is it Important?

Minor painting is important as very often having areas that are not protected from the elements can result in the wood rotting and becoming unstable.  In addition, housing violations often include all of the examples listed of areas that need painting.

Minor Repairs are repairs that are very general in nature.  For instance this past year we have re-installed a falling coat rack, replaced a broken mailbox and hammered a few boards on a fence.  These are all projects that a volunteer can do.  Other repairs while considered minor, may require a professional, such as replacing a threshold, replace a broken light that falls under a safety hazard (such as exterior) or repairing a window.