A Veteran in South Euclid had a tree flush against the entire side of the house and blocked two floors of windows.  We refer to this type of project as:

 “Let the Sunshine In” 

Not only was this unsightly it was dangerous in case of a fire, as it blocked the window.  Many first-time projects will include the removal of whatever is blocking the window. The second photo shows a home where the entire side of the house by the back porch was blocked by a huge bush.  It prevented safe navigation on the walkways, blocked the sun from coming in and the view to the outside.  For this CARE Member she was concerned about security and this bush prevented her from seeing who was approaching her home and property.

Here is a home of a senior in Mayfield Heights with limited mobility.  She needed to be able to get out her back door to walk down the side of the home to the trash can.  As you can see these overgrown trees prevented her from doing that as well as her window being totally blocked.  Unfortunately, what you see here is not unique and we are so grateful for all of the support CARE receives to improve the lives of seniors throughout the community.


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