As CARE serves seniors throughout nine communities, we have learned quite a bit about some of the great services for trash and refuse pickup that are available.


Branch and Stick Pickup – Bundling vs No Bundling:

For the cities who do not require cutting and bundling of branches and sticks – Thank You! We find that the cities that let their residents place their tree branches and sticks on the tree lawn without having to cut them to a certain size and then bundle them with twine tend to not have huge piles in their backyards.

Leaf Pickup – The later the better:

For the cities who have leaf pickup through the middle of December – Thank You!  When you combine leaves falling late, and some of the unpredictable weather in November, when cities pick up leaves up to the middle of December it really helps.

Trash Removal:

For the cities who allow for accommodations for seniors – Thank You!  Trash removal can be an extremely hazardous activity for an older adult.  When cities provide smaller cans, assistance with taking trash to the road and allow bags instead of cans, it can prevent injuries.  Also, chances are trash is taken to the road for pickup more often.



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