Who doesn’t enjoy clean windows?  For some older adults and people with disabilities who have a limited view of the outdoors due to mobility challenges, having clean windows can really affect their day.  They may only have access to certain rooms or are unable to stand.  Dirt and grime on windows is  unsightly, blocks sunshine and your clear view of the outside.  Window care has become an increasingly popular service for many of our CARE Members.

Exterior cleaning can also include cleaning off the moss that creates a very unsightly garage or areas of the home, plus can make sidewalks, steps and driveways slippery and dangerous.  Excessive moss and grime on a garage or house is a common housing violation.  This photo of a garage is a great example of the type of cleaning that a volunteer can do.

General sweeping of  the garage or on the deck or porch is also something we can assist with.  There is no definitive list but we do know that if cleaning the area can cause damage, or if ladders or pressure washers are needed, then it would be more appropriate for a professional service.



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